Bar-B-Que and Racing are not only two of America’s favorite pastimes, but they are also the two most famous hobbies, turned sports going on today. Nearly every blue-blooded American loves the intense sound of fast cars taking the track and the mouth watering smell of Bar-B-Que in the air.


No matter what your interest in Bar-B-Que may be we have something to offer everyone. From grabbing a mouth watering sandwich at one of our events, picking up a bottle of Rodney's Signature Sauce or getting right in the middle of things by signing up for one of our classes, we guarantee that you will love it. 



So please come to see us at an event, gives us a call or shoot us an email.  

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Do you want to see what really makes Smokin' at The Track stand out from the rest?  Then come to one of our events and join the party!

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We would love for you to meet our wonderful team.  These are the most passionate people in the world when it comes to their BBQ. So please take a moment to get to know Rodney and the crew at Smokin' at The Track.

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Here you will find all of the news, features, and events for the Smokin at the Track Crew.  We invite you to join us at one of our events and jump into all of the un, if you can't make it out we invite you to look around our site or join us on social media.

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If Rodney refuses to share his secrets then the next best thing is to use what the pros do.  We can't promise a world title but we can promise some of the best tasting sauces and rubs that you will ever come across.  Take a look around our store for sauces, rubs and so much more.


"Rodney was an absolute pleasure. All our questions were answered and we were given hands on examples of how to properly season our meats. Worth every penny!"

"Very knowledgeable and down to earth people willing to help you learn to make some awesome BBQ! Would highly recommend taking their course whenever you can!"

"What a great team of people creating some YUMMY BBQ!!! Rodney and the team are always available to answer your questions and offer suggestions"

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Smokin at The Track has amazing Sponsorship opportunities for your business to get involved with two of the best things in America, Racing and Bar-B-Que. Corporate Partnerships is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today and delivers many benefits to your company, your employees, and the community. If you are interested in partnering with Smokin at the Track, contact us today.


Can’t make it to an event? Not a problem! You can follow along with the Smokin’ at the Track Crew and our Co-Founder Rodney Renner, via our Social Media accounts. Each event promises to be a butt rubbin’, sauce pourin’, SMOKIN’ good time!


For questions or to inquire about the sponsorship opportunities that remain please contact us below. We look forward to seeing all of the race fans and Bar-B-Que fans for many exciting weekends.

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